Our clients

We’ve always focussed on taking the worry from money, so our clients can have the time of their lives.

We work with people who have either sold a business, built wealth whilst working, or inherited family wealth, all of whom are now faced with new and complex decisions.  

Our clients are future focussed, family orientated and a pleasure to work with. As we’ve worked with our clients for over twenty years, many of them have introduced their children to BoulterBowen, as they look to build wealth.

This also involves taking the steps to ensure a smooth transition of wealth down the generations, aligned with our clients’ wishes.

We understand and often hear from new clients joining us that one of their main frustrations with professional advisers is that they do not know what is happening behind the scenes.

One of our commitments to clients joining us is that we ensure you are kept updated at all times on everything that is happening, and the timescales involved. There are a number of ways this can be achieved.

If you would like to be copied into all correspondence to all third parties so you know exactly what is happening, then this is no problem at all. Alternatively, we provide you with regular updates via email or phone call to ensure there are no ‘blackholes’ and you have clarity on what is going on.

The value of investments may fluctuate in price or value and you may get back less than the amount originally invested.  Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

What our clients say

George & Caroline

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George & Caroline W

George & Caroline

Over the 18 years we have been with BoulterBowen, their clear and professional advice has meant planning our future has not been the daunting prospect we had once feared.

Even though circumstances have inevitably changed, at each stage we have felt in control and confident. It’s been a real partnership and one we hope will last a long time.

Gaynor C


My husband and I joined BoulterBowen 14 years ago. After my husband’s passing, BoulterBowen have helped me understand my investments, allowing me to concentrate on the things which are most important to me, namely my family and travelling. They’ve demonstrated that I’m able to maintain my lifestyle and not outlive my savings, which has also focussed my mind on passing wealth to my children.

Phil S portrait


My family have worked with BoulterBowen since 2003. As I’ve progressed my career in the tech industry, the team has helped me along the way, understanding my income position and financial goals. They’ve taken the time to appreciate my personal circumstances and objectives, advising on the most suitable financial planning to support my lifestyle now and in the future.

I can happily enjoy my life and support those dearest to me in their endeavours and have confidence that I can continue doing so with BoulterBowen’s clarity and direction.